2016 NxG Award, Silver Medal

2016 Architizer A+ Award Winner, the ANTI-KIOSK

2015 Premio Al Ornato- City of Quito 2015, odD House 1.0

2011 Penny White Award


2016 Open Air Gallery Project selected for Habitat 3 Village

2016 Official Selection of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, collateral event, “CRASH URBANISM!”

2016 Inhaus Magazine, Arquitectura & Diseño de Graiman, Front Cover & 9 Page Spread, Lucas Correa- Arquitectura que Emociona

2016 Architizer, “the ANTI-KIOSK by odD+”

2015 Clave Magazine, Arquitectos Ecuador 2015, 3 Page Spread, odD+ Herencia Hiper Modernista

2015 Clave Magazine, La Suma de Todos los Elementos, 2 Page Spread

2015 Gentleman Magazine, Number 14, Arquitectura y Urbanismo Cívico, 2 Page Spread, Lucas Correa Sevilla

2015 Casas Magazine, Edition 61, Turn Over: Adios Noventas, 3 Page Spread, Project Queluz

2015 Casas Magazine, Edition 64, Premio Al Ornato Ciudad de Quito 2015, 1 Page Spread, odD House 1.0

2015 DolceVita LifeStyle Magazine, Edition 97, Top 27 in Architecture, Design, and Decoration

2015 Revista Trama, Arquitectura+Diseño, Edition 132 Habitat Colectivo, Front Cover & 2 Page Spread, Project Queluz

2015 Architizer, “odD House 1.0 by odD+”

2015 ArchDaily, “odD House 1.0 by odD+”

2015 Phaidon Atlas, “odD House 1.0 by odD+”

2014 Monu, Magazine on Urbanism #20, Geographical Urbanism, The Contour and the Block, A New Topographic Framework for Metropolitan Quito’s Urban Development

2014 Vistazo, Construcción & Diseño, Lucas Correa-Sevilla Nuevos Conceptos

2014 Clave Magazine, Arquitectos Ecuador 2014, 3 Page Spread, odD+ audacia de híper modernismo conceptual

2013 A Line in the Andes- Edited by Felipe Correa (hardcover), Ravine Central (pg 324-335) by Lucas Correa-Sevilla & Pablo Perez Ramos

2012 GSD Platform 5, The City Under a Single Roof by Lucas Correa-Sevilla

2012 Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawings of Buildings (hardcover), The Techno-Sustainable Utopian Pyramid by Lucas Correa-Sevilla

2011 GSD Platform 4, Data-Form: The Syntropic-Ideologic Machine by Lucas Correa- Sevilla & Zhou Wu